I remember how excited I felt the first time I was able to successfully unlock 1Password with Touch ID. Unlocking 1Password would never be the same. – AgileBits

When Apple launched the iPhone, they had a slide showing the evolution of Input Devices. The mouse, the clickwheel, and multi touch.

Each one of those brought our interaction with devices closer and closer to real interaction. The mouse translated movement on a desk to movement on a screen. The clickwheel was a 1:1 relationship between the turning of the wheel and the selected row on the screen. And multi touch was direct interaction with what was visible on the screen.

When they presented the Apple Watch last month they showed the Digital Crown as a new interface in that list, calling it just as revolutionary as those other three. I haven’t used one, so I can’t agree or disagree (yet).

But they forgot an input device. An input device that will change how we interact with security. That will change how we pay. That will recognize me.
And that interface is Touch ID. An interface that is just as groundbreaking as the other ones in the list. Not because it makes navigation easier, but because it makes security easier.