My hometown is celebrating the end of World War I this weekend and for the occasion they recreated a floating bridge across the Schelde. It’s a modern replica of a bridge used during the War to get people out of Antwerp, but this weekends it’s a nice tourist attraction.

Since we had tickets to cross the bridge at night, this was bound to be a good test for the iPhone 6’s new camera. Where low-light conditions were impossible to shoot with previous iPhone’s, the new focus pixels of the camera made dark-night photos a whole lot crisper and finally usable.

I shot photos and movies at dusk, night, and today at noon and they camera never let down. I even managed to get some focussed pictures of a flag and a ship without using a flash at night. I’m impressed.

Then today I went downtown to shoot some buildings and flowers and using the bigger screen to point-and-shoot is fun. And it really is just point and shoot. The camera focuses instantly and colours are always nice and saturated.

If the best camera is the one your taking with you, I’m glad I’m carrying this one.

Photo management-wise I picked up my iPad a couple of minutes after coming home, and all picture where already synced across from my iPhone (I’m running the Photos beta). The ones I gave a heart (why no star?) while browsing through the iPhone where available in a synced Album favorites on the iPad and even a couple of edits (rotation, straightening etc) were nicely synced across. I like what they did with the new iCloud Photos. I only wonder how this’ll scale when people start importing gigabytes of photos. I created an album for the event, but if I keep this up, that list will get very long pretty fast.