Advertisers do not get my information from Google. So as long as I trust Google’s employees, the only two potential breaches of my privacy are from the government or from a hacker. If we accept this as a fact, the fundamental privacy question changes from, “Do you respect my privacy?” to “Is the user experience improvement worth the security risk to my private information. – Dan Curtis

I completely disagree. Security is way more important than user experience.
That’s the same as saying: I don’t use a pincode on my phone because entering the code is annoying. Completely irresponsible.

What should happen is finding a way to use a users’ private information to increase and improve his experience without risking his data.
And Apple is good at that. They did it with iOS and checking apps before allowing them in the store. They did it with the privacy alerts when an app first asks access to your contacts for example. They did it with sandboxing. And they did it with Touch ID.

But decreasing security to improve experience? Not an option.