My Sweet Setup: iPhone

It’s been a while since I did one of these. So without further ado, here’s my iPhone setup.

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6, Space Grey with 64GB of internal storage. Coming from 16, it’s a relieve. More music, more books, more photos and not one alert telling me my storage is almost full.

The Wallpaper is made my Louie Mantia and bloody gorgeous.


Simply the best todo app available. Easy syncing across platforms, maildrop, extensions, notification center integration are just a few of the features. Couldn’t do my job without it.

I’m just waiting for an iPhone 6 compatible upgrade, and an option to show deferred items in notification center, instead of only due items.


Way better than the default calendar app. Better recognition of locations, and a nicer interface that shows a clear list of appointments together with an overview of the current month.

I did however disable the reminders integration since I use OmniFocus for all my tasks.


Note taking, launcher and quick reference all in one. I use Drafts to easily jot down a few notes, and I’ve got a whole collection of shopping lists for favourite recipes as pinned notes. A specific action sends those to a shared shopping list so I can quickly add a recipe to our groceries.


My archive and reference guide for life and work.

I have business account from the office and the integration of both personal and business in one app is very nice. Both mix if you need to find something across all notes, but browsing just your own stuff is just as easy. I had the notification center widget enabled for a while, but since I couldn’t type immediately in the widget I disabled it.

The sharing extension is a time saver though, just lovely.


One terabyte of files, safely stored in the cloud. I’m waiting for a more stable integration of iCloud Drive in third and first party apps before migrating to iCloud Drive. But for now, Dropbox is good enough.

I hope they fix their Document Picker so I can more easily integrate Dropbox in apps like Transmit or Pages.


Every password I use is long and complex. And 1Password makes it easy and fast to use these kind of passwords. The latest iOS8 upgrade with touchID, extensions and third party app integrations make this app feature complete on iOS.

I’m just waiting for iPhone 6 compatibility (but that version is on it’s way), and a way to integrate Two-Factor authentication in the app so I can ditch Authy.


Twitter as it should be. On the iPhone at least. The iPad version is just …


Don’t judge, my family uses Facebook, so I follow. But I disabled backgrounding and location in the privacy settings. And it’s still not iPhone 6 compatible even though it has been updated twice sinds iOS 8 launched. Terrible app.


Guilty pleasure. Pity it’s not iPhone 6 optimised yet.


I’ve been a Reeder user until Unread came out. The app feels much lighter, the reading experience is better and the background syncing works like a charm. I almost switched back to Reeder after hearing the developer had stopped working on the app, but now that it’s sold to a new crew I’m hoping for some awesome updates. Integration with the iOS Share sheet for one, a solution for the ever growing cache is on that wish list too.


Instapaper, Pocket, Instapaper, Pocket, it’s an eternal flipflop for me. But I’ve been using Pocket continuously now for almost six months so I think the choice is a definitive one this time.

Love the new sharing extension, and I hope they’ll have an iPhone 6 version out soon. If they ditch the custom share sheet and go native only, the app would be just a bit better, but aside from that it’s perfect. They offer a Premium subscription, but frankly, I don’t find the features very useful.

Kindle, Comixology, Digg

I read a lot on my iPhone. Comixology is a test though. Since the screen is a bit bigger than my previous phones, I hope reading comics will be a bit easier. I only read Thor #1 so far and it was doable, although the iPad is still superior.

Spotify, Overcast, Remote

Music Maestro Please. Spotify has Metallica and Zeppelin so it’s a winning platform for me. And Overcast is the best podcast app available at the moment.

Remote however is a piece of junk that’s there because I use my Apple TV every night. But that’s the only reason.


Siri’s Movie integration in Belgium is non-existent, so IMDb is where I go to end any discussion.


Yet another guilty pleasure.


All green. Once Pedometer++ gets a nicer widget it’ll probably disappear from the dock. It’s a great app that motivates me to walk 10.000 steps a day. I often make it, barely. It has a clean interface than just shows your stats. No points, stars, or other gimmicks, it just counts my steps based on my iPhone’s movement.

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