For the longest time now I’ve been taking pictures of every kind of beer I drink with a list of favorite and not-so-favorite ones in Evernote. It’s a pretty long list with mostly Belgium beers in the top ten, followed by a couple of Irish and English ones, and an all time favourite of mine, the Spanish Alhambra 1925, an amber beer from Granada in the south of Spain.

A few weeks ago I saw a mention of BeerTab on Twitter and it peaked my interest. A single purpose app specifically build to collect beers? No Belgian beer lover would say no to that.

The app allows a user to take a picture of a beer (I’ve got to tendency to grab both the bottle and glass in one shot), give it a name and give a rating based on taste and appearance. The app shows a list of options from a couple of (unknown?) sources, while you type it’s name. While testing it today I managed to find a couple of small brewery type beers from my local town. For an American app, that’s impressive.

There’s two things I miss:

I was looking for De Koninck, an Amber beer from Antwerp, and it showed up as Belgian Amber Ale in the list. That’s an incorrect name, but apparently once you add a beer to your list, there’s no way to edit that beer after the fact. You can edit the rating, but not the name.

I would also like to add some personal comments to a beer while I add it to the list. Remarks like: “never drink more than three.” Or: “This goes well with Filet D’Anvers.”

All in all, a very decent app that’s going to be used a lot.

And remember: Beer is a pleasure to drink. So care about what you drink, and drink with care.