iOS 8 is a great release. But there are a couple of things that bother me. So allow me:


So why doesn’t Mail have a sharing sheet in iOS 8? I’d like to add emails to Evernote in an easy way.


Any reason iBooks doesn’t have iCloud Drive container for PDF’s? Create a PDF in Pages, save it to an iBooks folder in iCloud, read it with iBooks and edit later on with a PDF editor without multiple duplicates.


Any reason the iWork apps only display documents in their own container and don’t show any other iCloud Drive fodlers or Document Pickers (yet)?


  • Why doesn’t Safari remember in which order I arranged my extensions?
  • I Love the way you can now see tabs opened on different devices and delete them from any other device. But wouldn’t a shared series of tabs more logical? So instead of Tabs on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, jsut tabs, synchronised across all devices.


  • Why can I delete Keynote on a 64Gb iPhone 6, but can’t I delete iBooks, Podcasts or default apps like Stocks?
  • Why can’t I buy an iPad app on my iPhone and have it available on my iPad when I pick up the device?
  • App bundles are great, App bundles with Omnifocus for iPad, iPhone and Mac in a bundle are better.