iOS 8 introduced Notification Center extensions for third party apps. A cool feature but I already see I problem with the current implementation. There’s basically three kind of extensions in my current Today view:



The first kind are the apps that relate to here and now: OmniFocus, Calendar, Reminders, Pedometer++.

All of these give information at a glance. Where am I, what should I do, what’s up. They should be clear, display only what’s relevant and their focus should be on now.


The other kind of apps are based on actions. Launch an app via Launcher, open your current book, start a run,…


New Digg articles, updates to my Dropbox Feed,…
It’s up to date information from a variety of sources.

The issue

Notification Center contains two tabs: Today and Notifications. And Control Center is arguably the third tab.

Today Center in iOS 7 showed information, Notifications showed new or missed information from a variety of apps, and Control Panel lets us do things on the iPhone without opening

Basically only the Information extensions belong in Today.
But for some reason Apple decided to show all third party apps in the Today View, so the once clear overview of your day is now a mix of buttons, notifications and stats.

The solution

Change the name of that first tab and call it Dashboard but then we lose the clear overview.
Or allow Developers to pick one of the above three types for their extension and show it in their respective tab:

Launchers should be shown in the Control Panel, News in Notifications,and Stats in the Today view.