The introduction of Family Members to group Apple IDs and control purchases made by kids is great. It allows parents to control the amount of money spend by their kids on the App Store and allows a family to share purchases so only one person needs to by Infinity Blade for the whole family to enjoy it.

You know what would make for a great addition to this Family feature? A grandparents-mode. Apple IDs that are tagged as grandparent opposite to child or adult. And the one feature that’s unique for those kind of accounts? Their children can reset their AppleID and passcode remotely.
I see too many elderly people in our stores who are lost in the jungle of pin-codes and passwords and who, when they loose the post-it containing their PASSWORD, come to our shops in utter frustration. Allowing a family member to easily reset their codes when they forget the password would solve a lot of issues.

And while on the subject of children: When you configure an iPad for your grandparents: Turn iCloud Backup on. Makes life a lot easier when something does go wrong.