You know what the problem with RSS, Twitter and the Internet in general is? It’s an echo chamber. And worse, since it’s so big, we only get to enjoy a part of it.

For example: I’m interested in Apple. I follow the Grubers and Arments of the world. And I’ve got MacWorld and Macstories in my list too. The benefit: good articles on what interests me all day long. The downside: I only read about subjects I like and in general the opinions of those tech pundits tend to align.

It makes me very informed on a very specific part of the world. But it’s a biased view based on an echo chamber of dozens of websites generally thinking about things the same way.

What I need is dozens of websites thinking different about those subjects.
It’s easy to fix: I need to find the Viticci and Grubers online of other subjects. People who are just as avid writers about other subjects than Apple to broaden my view on tech.
But it’s also not a solution: more sources means more data to congest. And an hour only has so many days.