This Friday the new iPhone 6 will be available in Belgium. And since we have no Apple Stores, availability wil be limited. No long lines, no shelves filled with hundreds (thousands?) of iPhones. No. The last couple of years the iPhone releases where very low scale. Most retailers had only a couple of dozen phones in stock, and often only the base model.

Picking a new iPhone model is so easy. Pick a colour, pick a capacity and new this year, pick a size. There isn’t too much butter on this tray, picking an iPhone is as easy as uno-dos-y-tres.

My first iPhones were 8GB models. I flirted with a 32GB iPhone 4s, but reverted back to 16GB when Apple raised the price on the entry level iPhone 5. But this year I planned buying a model with a higher capacity. 16GB in this day and age is just too limited. The fact that Apple now offers 64GB as the middle model is a nice extra. I’ll quadruple my storage capacity compared to last year.

For size I’ll go for the safe option, a regular iPhone 6. Portability wins from display size. If I need to go bigger, I’ll go bigger and go for a full-size iPad. The Plus seems like a nice device, but for me it’s too small to read comics, and too big to carry as my every day phone.

And to quote Ford, I’ll get an iPhone in any color, as long as it’s black.

Since we traditionally don’t buy phones on contract here, I can buy an iPhone every year. Yes we have to pay the full unsubsidised price, but the resell value is very good. You can buy an iPhone, sell it the next year and only loose 150-200€. I sold my iPhone 5s last week, and I’m currently carrying an old iPhone 5. No 64bit, no fingerprint sensor and was the camera always that bad? I remember it way better.

I hope they’ll have my model of choice I stock this Friday. Fingers crossed.

Dr. Frank-N-Further: So come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab. I see you shiver with antici… pation.