I learned drinking coffee as café con hielo, coffee on ice. 2 cubes of ice, a steaming hot espresso and a bit of sugar in a glass. It’s still on of my favourite drinks on a hot summer day, but lately I discovered that cold brews are actually a lot richer in flavour than the hot espresso suddenly cooled down over ice.

This year we changed the recipe and started to bottle it. We don’t do Cold Brew anymore, but prefer to brew on ice. This way we have a ‘less-flat’ taste. – Caffenation

My favourite coffeespot in Antwerp

A blue and white carton—like the half-pints of milk that come on elementary school lunch trays—emblazoned with the words Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee. – Blue Bottle

Damn, I want to try this one! Do I know anyone in the States who can ship this to Belgium?