Dropbox pricing isn’t quite as transparent as I reported yesterday. I was on the 200GB plan at an annual cost of $199 and, naturally, I assumed that this would be changed automatically to the new 1TB plan at $120. I was wrong. I am still paying £199 but I get 2TB instead of 200MB. Anyone on the 500GB plan will still pay $500 but get 5TB. – MacFilos

Imagine my surprise this morning when my inbox contained an email from Dropbox telling me I now have 2TB of storage available. (actually 2.1GB due to some freebies).

Just like the quoted post above, I expected to get more for less, not even more for the same.

The question is now, what do I do:

  • Do I keep the 2TB for the same price? I don’t have 2TB of documents, so I’ll probably have more than a terabyte of free space floating there.
  • Or do I move down to the 1TB tier, paying less per month but loosing the option to upgrade to 2TB? Dropbox won’t sell these accounts (for now at least..), so if I downgrade I’ll probably not be able to upgrade in the forseeable future.

After thinking about this for a while, I’m going to downgrade. I don’t need 2TB for now. And with iCloud Drive arriving in the month I’ll probably be better of spending part of the money now going to a useless extra terabyte to a sotrage increase for iCloud.

I’ve got to admit, smart move by Dropbox.