After working on a remote site yesterday and taking the train back at the end of the day, my iPhone showed the dreadfully 20% battery remaining alert.
Normally I ignore it, turn on airplane mode for the duration of the train ride, and take the iPad to read while traveling home. But for some reason I had decided to travel light that day, and I left the iPad at home.

There I was. An iPhone filled with entertainment but without any battery left and the my work’s MacBook with a charged battery.. but without any entertainment on it. So I did what every sane person would do: I took out a lightning cable, booted the Mac and connected it to the iPhone. Placing the MacBook next to me with it’s lid almost closed, I started reading my book while listening to some music. After a while I noticed an old guy looking inquisitively at me. I removed my headphones and he asked what are you doing?

I answered: This morning I decided to travel light. Long story short, my MacBook is now basically an external battery for my phone so I can read.
He looked at me like I was crazy.

Apple: I don’t need a larger iPhone. I need a larger battery.