Ugmonk has always been about making products that I wanted to exist. Yes, there are thousands of different bags on the market to choose from, but I wanted to design a bag completely from scratch based around my wants while incorporating the Ugmonk aesthetic. – Ugmonk

The bag

I ordered this bag the day it became available and after using it for few months now, I have to say, it’s one of the best bags I ever bought.

It’s my everyday carry from home to the office and it’s large enough to fit all my stuff without being too large to become a burden to carry around. I especially love the broad leather shoulder strap that spreads the weight instead of focussing it on one point like most bags.

Since my job requires me to work either at the office, and also at construction sites or in server rooms, I need a bag that’s both strong and durable, but also needs to be clean enough to be a decent thing to carry into the office. The Messenger Bag has been in use for around two months now and although it has seen some heavy use there isn’t any noticeable wear and tear visible. Yes it has some scratches and scuffs, but they’re more patina than damage.


My gear and my bag are inseparable. My job requires me to go to a lot of different locations to give support or install new hardware. So all of the devices and tools I need on a daily basis live in my bag and never leave that bag. I don’t unpack it when I get home, and everything has its place so I can easily find what I need to do my job, and repack it just as fast so I don’t forget anything on site.

And somehow this bag has exactly the right pockets to fit my hardware:

  • 13″ Retina MacBook Pro
  • iPad mini
  • a couple of Field notes
  • a portable hard drive
  • a Grid It with a collection of cables and chargers.
  • Pens, screwdrivers, business cards,…


The waxed canvas is a surprise. I few days ago I had to walk through some heave rain and I was sure I would need some towels to dry my stuff when I’d get home. But amazingly, nothing got wet or damp, not even my Field Notes. Remarkable. That said I forgot to dry the leather shoulder strap and it’s all wrinkled now. It still does its job but it could be a bit sturdier.

There is one downside though. I never use cases around my devices. But the Messenger bag’s pockets have metal studs to close them, which means that if I don’t put a cover around my iPad or Mac , they’ll get scratched.

This bag was a bit of an impulse buy, but one of the best ones in a while!