FeedWrangler’s Smart Streams are an awesome feature.

I’ve got one for movie reviews, one that searches for Editorial workflows, one that combines all items containing the words *discount, free, app) and a couple of other useful ones that combine similar posts from a variety of RSS feeds.

This year during CES I got tired of the endless rehashing of CES news across all those tech blogs. So I create a separate Smart Stream that searched for CES.

When opening my RSS reader (currently Unread on iPhone, Mr. Reader on iPad, and Reeder 2 on the Mac), I would quickly skim through the CES posts, mark them all as read once finished, and delve more focussed on what’s left: an RSS feed without any mention of CES.

Since Monday is WWDC Keynote day, my RSS Inbox the next couple of days will probably have a 10:1 ratio of WWDC news versus other articles.

So, once again, I created two new Smart Streams: One that contains the word WWDC, and one that doesn’t contain WWDC as a search term.

This allows me to read up on WWDc articles monday evening, focussing on Apple only, and when I’m tired of reading about the Keynote, swap to an inbox free of WWDC news.

Man, I love FeedWrangler’s Smart Streams.