“Here’s the steps necessary: (1) unlock iPhone; (2) launch OmniFocus; (3) tap the Quick Entry button on the bottom right; (4) enter task name: “Add cool new section to the book”; (5) tap the Project picker; (6) type in the first few letters of the name of the project; (7) tap the name of the project; (8) tap the Due date picker; (9) tap the “+1 Day” button to set the task to be due tomorrow; (10) tap “Save”.

If you don’t include the time it takes to pull my iPhone out of my pocket and unlock it, then the time it takes to enter in this “quick” entry takes about 30 seconds. Not an incredibly long time, but it’s not an easy 30 seconds.”

— Shawn Blanc

While reading Shawn’s review, this section kinda stuck. Probably because it’s completely different from the way I use OmniFocus on the iPhone.

I enter new tasks in the Reminders app (in a specific OmniFocus list), which is automatically added to OmniFocus via the Reminders syncing feature. It’s fast, it allows me to forget the idea and focus on what I’m doing right then.

Project, context and dates aren’t important at that moment. What’s important is writing down what you think about and move on. Later, on on my Mac, I process the entire Inbox and add all the correct metadata to the entries.