These last couple of days I left home with one thought on top of my mind: is my iPhone’s battery charged, and does it hold a big enough charge to make it through the day? Or should I take my battery pack with me? And did I charge that one?

I never had any real trouble with my phone’s battery life. It never lasted longer than a day, and charging it halfway through the day and at night were habits. But it wasn’t something that worried me. I knew that, if I charged my
iPhone at night then it would certainly last until late in the afternoon.

Something changed going from iOS 7.0.4 to 7.1. And it drastically changed battery life.

Worrying about taking an umbrella. Or worrying about a red traffic light that will probably make me miss my bus should be things I think about when leaving my house.
But my iPhone’s battery? No. That should just work.

So Apple: for the iPhone 6: don’t make it thinner. Make it a little bigger. And give me a battery that lasts me through the day without any doubt.