Apple’s Indirect gotofail Benefit

The gotofail bug appeared in regular Belgian newspapers this week. In articles mentioning giant security holes, bad software, the downfall of Apple and so on. But each article ended with a solution for this issue: update all your devices to iOS 7.0.2 or OS X 10.9.2.
But since their newspapers need space for ads, they often forgot to mention that 10.6.8 wasn’t affected.

Since then I’ve notificed that plenty of relatives and clients did a manual upgrade to Apple’s latest releases.
Like today: a friend called me asking me to troubleshoot his Mac. He had upgraded from 10.6.8 to 10.9.2 after reading the newspaper and now a couple of apps didn’t work anymore.
The guy wouldn’t have upgraded because the new OS existed. He upgraded out of fear.

So now I wonder: how many people upgraded to Mavericks these last couple of days? Bug or no bug, now the issue is solved Apple benefits: Mavericks adoption is higher than before last week. At least that’s my feeling. I don’t have a way to measure it.

Nothing like a good bit of fear to get people to move.