Moveable Type

I love reading on my iPhone. Or on my iPad for that matter. I probably read more books digitally in the last couple of years than I read on paper. And that's books. Not blogs, articles or tweets.

And although I've completely moved from physical to digital, and love being able to move from one device to the next and pick up the book where I've left, there's one thing that bothers me in digital books: content moves across the screen.

It's only natural that words appear on a different place on the screen when comparing an iPad to an iPhone. They have a different resolution.

But the Kindle app has this annoying habit of moving the content on the screen while turning pages. For example, take the screenshots on top of this post. Chapter 36 fills the last page only partially. But when you turn the page and start reading Chapter 37, and then move back one page, Chapter 36 all of the sudden fills the entire last page and all the content has moved down half a screen.

The reason this is annoying is quite simple: I read and remember stuff visually. So when I want to refer back to a prior paragraph I can often remember what it looked like or where it was on a page. But this doesn't work when everything has moved.

In short, digital is awesome, but there's something to be said about fix page layout and design. Something that's lost in digital.