Mac Pro meets G4 Cube

We got a couple of Mac Pro's at the office today. Simply put: it's a beautiful machine. Heavier than I thought with a strong Darth Vader vibe once you remove the outer shell.

I've got an old (but working) G4 Cube on my desk, and since both Mac Pro and Cube are derived from a fairly similar design concept —removable outer shell with all electronics in one boxed chassis— I decided to take a couple of comparison pics of these two gorgeous machines.

Tomorrow I'll get the change to test these machines thoroughly.

Since I maintain our network I won't get a change to try anything with graphics, but Mavericks now supports Thunderbolt bridging, I'm curious how fast I can backup one Mac Pro with a Promise Thunderbolt to a second Mac Pro with a similar configuration. Theoretically since Thunderbolt is a 10GB/s connection, transfer-speed between 2 Mac Pro's joined with a Thunderbolt cable should be pretty fast I think..

Call me curious. But for now, enjoy these shots of past and present Apple engineering.