Shoppings Lists and Drafts

As a New Year's Resolution for 2014, my girlfriend and I decided to plan our evening dinners a bit more and do our groceries a week in advance. So instead of visiting the grocery store on a daily basis, planning on the spot what we wanted to eat, we now sit together on saturday, and write down a menu for the following week.

This has two benefits: no more rushed shopping after work, and we apparently save a lot of money this way.

But soon after, I discovered one annoyance: shopping for a week means shopping lists are a necessity. And a second annoyance: if we make the same dish every weeks, I don't want to write down the same ingredients each week.

In order to solve the latter, I decided to write down all frequently used recipes and their ingredients in Drafts with a note per recipe. By using #Groceries as a draft title, and the build in List in Reminders action, I can quickly dump all necessary ingredients in our shared Grocery List.

Perfect plan, and the action does exactly what it needed to do.

Two weeks later my Drafts folder is full of notes that are identical when looking at them in list view. They're all named #Grocery, and they're all in my inbox in between thoughts, ideas and other words.

I can't give them another title since the reminders action wouldn't work anymore, and the inbox thing became a bit to cluttered for my OCD-mind.

While reading through my Pocket queue today I came across an article by The Axx explaining how to Chop a Draft. In the article it is used to process a Drafts note line by line, but while reading it, it became apparent that I could use the same idea to process my recipes. I ould simply give each note a proper name, and chop the title before processing the drafts further.

A few trials later I came up with the following action:






My recipes are now in the following structure:

RECIPE NAME #Groceries * Ingredient 1 * Ingredient 2 * ...

And the Action above does the following:

  • drafts://x-callback-url/create?text=[[body]]: Creates a new note with only the body of the original note, thus removing the RECIPE NAME line.
  • &action=: after chopping the title the rest of the note is send to reminders using #Groceries to map its destination.
  • &x-success=: and finally it opens up so I can optionally remove stuff I don't need to buy since we still have some in stock.

The action archives the original first note. So in order to easily find my recipes, I just pin them in Drafts. The Inbox now only contains unprocessed notes, and Pinned contains all my recipes.