Far Far Away

I asked them what it was about. But, when they started describing it — the big spaceships that feel like they are right on top of you, the ape-like creature that scares away the mouse-like robot in the corridor, the bad guy with the full helmet, heavy breathing, and deep voice — I could not picture it as "real". Patrick Rhone

I have three distinct Star Wars memories.

  1. A late night presentation (I was 9 at the time so could've been an 8 o'clock as fire as I know) of A New Hope. I remember the excitement when driving to the movies and distinctly remember that I was astonished by how big the star destroyer was, and how long it took to fly by. I've seen that movie a hundred times since then, but that first shot, that first time, it has never seemed so long ever since.
  2. A saw The Phantom Menace months before the fall release in Belgium with my father in an Irish pub in Spain. A blazing 40* sun outside, and us in a pub looking at the famous X bootleg. It was announced on a chalkbord outside the pub the day before: episode one screening. Not sure what to expect we went to the pub the day after. And watched Phantom like father and son. With pie and Guinness. The movie quality and sound was terrible. It had graphic distortion. But we as Star Wars. In a pub.
  3. My last early memory is one of me being sick, my grandmother babysitting and us watching that space movie with the teddybears and those nazi's (her words). She was a great woman, and one of the only seventy year olds I know that loved Star Wars.