The Newsstand and tablet magazine honeymoon is over. Apple knows it. The industry knows it. And consumers have made it painfully clear for far too long. It’s time for magazine publishers to abandon the easy options – and make the hard decisions that will save their digital titles. GigaOM

I still use Newsstand on a weekly basis. I read the weekend edition of my newspaper on it, The Magazine, The Loop Magazine and Empire magazine. I’ve recently started following and really enjoy their content.

But does Newsstand improve that experience? Would the content be any different with an app directly on the home screen? The answer for both is a decisive no. I don’t use badges, and really on the notification center to check for updates so I don’t really need them to be seperate apps either. I really enjoyed the iOS6 newsstand. It was clear (new content = new cover) and allowed for all readable media to be found in one spot.

In an ideal world Newstand apps would be moveable to any folder, maintain their cover-icon, and do background updates.