Life’s weird sometimes. I’ve got two weeks of vacation. Obligatory because I didn’t use all my allotted days during the year. Convenient because of the holidays. And annoying, because the holidays are an awesome time to be at work.

One example:
The last two weeks of the year are a time where most of the back office is on holiday. Not much happens, people are with their heads at home, looking forward to family, presents, holidays.
It’s an ideal time to wrap up the year, clean up my todo list, plan the following year, and do maintenance.
Because there’s no one there, it’s the only time of the year where I can gracefully shutdown and upgrade the office’s File Server and Open Directory to perform updates, clear out backups, and check everything. If there’s nobody around, nobody notices a server begin taken offline for maintenance or migration.
Now, being forced at home, these things can’t happen. So I’ll have to do them next year when the office is at full speed again during the following year.
I wonder how that’ll turn out.

Another example:
I’m an avid podcast listener. I follow about thirty podcasts, going from daily shortcasts to long epic ones. And listening to them all takes up a larger part of the day. Holidays usually involve lots of free time. But since my girlfriend doesn’t listen to podcasts, and listening with headphones on isn’t very social, it’s practically impossible to listen to them frequently while being at home.. Which means, when the holidays are over, I’ll have a gigantic two week backlog of episodes to catch up.

So it’s weird. I enjoy the holidays, but they kill my routine.