Dashplus is an innovative list and ToDo app that introduces actionable items. Simply swipe lines to the right to change their state, and unlock actions where needed. It is based on the eponym system devised by Patrick Rhone: any item of a todo list is actionable. Having used it for years with pen and paper, we are very excited to bring it finally to a digital implementation, on the iPhone. DashPlus

It’s apps like these that make me question my current choice of task manager: OmniFocus. But I invested so much time and energy in putting all my tasks and recurring events into it, that I’m not very motivated to move to a new app.

But I’m definitely going to give this one a spin for the next few days. It’s based on Patrick Rhone’s Dash Plus system, a way to check off todo items originally developed for use in small notebooks like a Moleskine or Field Guide.