Brewing for the Family

This year for New Year's Eve I'll be in charge of coffee for everyone. Other friends will make dessert, main course and appetisers, but I proposed to brew some kickass coffee.

But making a decent cup for one is one thing, expanding it to a group is,something different. Luckily the internet's there to help.

When I became a barista, there was a universal understanding in my family that, from here on out, I would always provide the holiday coffee. It was a role I cooly accepted, but I soon realized I had no idea what I was doing. It turns out that making coffee for hundreds of people a day doesn’t really translate into making coffee for a couple dozen of my closest friends and family. I tried a few different approaches. Tonx

Some useful tips here for brewing your coffees for a larger group.

Pity Tonx still doesn't ship their coffee to Belgium, but I've got Caffenation right here in Antwerp, so bean-wise I'm covered.

"The quality of your cup can be vastly improved with a little coffee brewing know-how." Mistobox

And speaking of tips, the guys at Mistobox have made some great video guides for most home brewing solutions like a Chemex or Aeropress.

You could always go for the solution in my photo too, it's a Brewski station made by my friend Sam Ponette which allows for brewing multiple pour overs at once.