A Tale of Two iPads

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about getting a new iPad mini with more storage. A non retina model.

Now, a little while later, I'm typing this from my new retina iPad mini.

The retina mini has already been reviewed by people who are a whole lot better at it than me, but in a nutshell: it's a mini, it has a gorgeous display, and is fast. Surprisingly fast.

I went for a slate grey model with a brown leather Smart Case. It's a great case, it doesn't add a lot of weight, and looks stylish. Can't wait for my first coffee stain.

I didn't sell my other iPad mini, but decided to keep both. One for personal use, and one as a workbook for the office.

Doing this has two benefits: I get a total of 64GB of storage, but split over two devices. Allowing me to keep all my Evernote notebooks, manuals, notes and documentation on the Work iPad, and fill my personal one to the brink with comics (They look só good), podcasts, books and games.

The other benefit: my personal iPad contains no work related items whatsoever, no mail, no network apps, no VPN. I can take out my iPad and be void of any stress and pressure.

It works the other way around to, my professional iPad contains no social distractions whatsoever, no Reeder, no Pocket, no Kindle. Strictly professional. Since work is work, and life is life, I kept the retina model for myself, and use the non-retina model for myself.

There is one annoyance though, although lots of things sync, what doesn't sync is notifications. So when I launch the other iPad after a weekend of walking and reading, its Notification Center is filled with remnants of the Old Republic, sorry, weekend.

In short, I always found people carrying two cellphones around weird. Two devices to look at, two devices to manage. It just sounded redundant to me. But I have to say, this forced split between work and personal life I've created is quite enjoyable. And almost peaceful.