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Where Can I Save my PDF in iCloud

OS X Mavericks finally brought iBooks to the Mac, but it only solved half the puzzle. iBooks cannot sync non-purchased files (PDFs, ePubs, etc) without using a cable and iTunes on a Mac/PC. - Bradley Chambers

Since iCloud currently downloads every file to your device, uploading and syncing all your books wouldn’t be a real solution. Imagine uploading 2GB of PDF files to iBooks. Instantly every iOS device you own is filled with 2GB of books you probably won’t always need.

I think a solution as proposed by Bradley can only work if Apple introduces an iTunes Match like solution to iOS that allows for a la carte downloading and archiving of iCloud files to your iOS device.. In such as way at you see all your files in iBooks, either bought or your own, with the option to download them if needed. The same can be said for Keynote or Pages. I’m currently carrying 1.2Gb of Keynote files with me one very iOS Device. It’s useful on the iPad. But not really on my iPhone.. An option to only download what I need would be a lot more useful…

That or an automatic quota where only the last 10 modified files or 1GB of files (whichever comes first) are downloaded. Which surprisingly is similar to Photo Stream…

As for me? I’ll use the Dropbox app while Apple figures it out.