The M7 at Work

As a System Admin (man, do I hate that word), my job involves sitting in front of a monitor for the bigger part of the day. Either coding, troubleshooting, replying to email or doing research, it's all done sitting behind my desk, drinking coffee and typing.

This results in a painful back, coarse neck and general discomfort. So for a couple of months now, I try to walk away from the desk every hour, walk a bit, give my legs some fresh blood, and get back to work again. I read about standing desks, but it's frowned upon at our office, so that's (sadly) not an option.

Unrelated, when I bought my iPhone 5s , I immediately installed a stepcounter to make use of the M7 chip. My app of choice is David Smith's pedometer++, a barebones, almost featureless app that does it's job well.

I noticed that, on a regular working day, including my daily commute, I walk around 6000 steps. A trip from my desk to the office kitchen and back again is around 100 steps, and getting from my desk to the shop downstairs takes about 400 steps to get there and back again. I never realised that my hourly walking habit gives me around a 1000 steps per day.

This ever increasing notification badge on my iPhone made getting to 10000 steps a day a game. A private game, because there's no Twitter, Facebook or any other social sharing in Pedometer. But it feels good.