Squarespace iOS Apps

We’re excited to announce two brand new iOS apps for Squarespace customers – Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Metrics – as well as iOS 7 updates for Note and Portfolio.- Squarespace

Squarespace today finally updated their iOS apps and brought them, at first look, up to spec with their website. I'm going to delve deeper in these new apps the following days, but for now, a quick first look.

Squarespace Blog

Feature-wise they finally introduce the option to create linked posts, embed more than one image, tags. There's support for some basic markdown, and all in all it's a decent app. They seem to have looks strangely at Facebook for a lot of their navigation. Sliding panels to get to a navigation stack behind the edit view. A right-sliding editing panel akin to the chat view in Facebook. You can embed images in a post, and discard them by dragging them to a delete icon that appears on the screen just like an active Facebook chat.

I'm currently trying to figure out wither there is any support for url-schemes, but my first guesses didn't exactly pan out. So for now I'll probably either write in editorial and copy paste for complex articles, or do a quick write-down in here.

One thing that nags me is the apps current speed. When switching between Safari and Squarespace Blog, the app had to reload its interface every time, creating a two second lag. Could just be my first generation iPad mini.

Squarespace Metrics

For a few weeks now, the Squarespace app didn't show any metrics anymore. No daily visitors, no popular pages, no search queries. Now we know why. Squarespace split off their entire analytics into a separate app showing you exactly how few or many people visited your website. It's a nice looking app, although I don't get why it had to be a new app. Wouldn't it be more logical to combine all Squarespace features into one big app? I can only hope the fact that they split up the apps will make it easier for them to iterate and update their apps?

All in all a great update for a great blogging platform. I wrote about my current gripes with the platform last week, and today's update allows me to remove plenty of gripes and issues form that list. The apps do add a few new ones, but what used to look like a forgotten app, is now nice and active again. Needless to say, this quick look was written with Squarespace Blog. Good job.