Security Questions

I’ve been using a little trick for those pesky security questions Apple and other online services are requiring when creating an account.

Ever since the whole Mat Honan hacking debacle, I’ve been improving my online security. Individual random passwords per website 1Password for that), closing down passive accounts, removing unused applications from my Twitter and Dropbox account and so on.

For those authorisation questions I first opted to use random giberish. But connecting the right gibberish to the right question wasn’t so easy and required a lot of going back and forth between 1Password and the website asking the questions. So I’ve decided to try a new strategy: I use one, fictional movie or historic character per website as the persona to base my answers on. It’s easy to remember, but since it’s not related to me at all, completely safe. Or as good as it gets with these things…

For example, if I use Han Solo as my subject, I would answer these questions like this:

What's your hometown? Correlia Who is your best friend? Chewbacca What's your favourite car? Millennium Falcon

Easy to remember, fast to type and relatively safe.