Recreating the Everpix Flashback

Now that Everpix is gone, I’m missing its daily flashback feature. I loved going into the app each morning and seeing images from the past year.Since there’s no alternative available, I decided to build my own Flashback feature based on my existing Dropbox photo-storage.


In a nutshell it’s a script that does the following:

  • An Automator-script searches /Dropbox/Photos for images exactly 1, 2, up to 20 years old.
  • It copies the photos to /Dropbox/Photos/_Flashback
  • It renames the images Flashback ## YYYY so I can easily see how old the images are.

I set it to run on a daily basis each morning at 6 o’clock, and I added a step to the script that purges the folder before filling it with today’s batch of images.



  • You can grab the script via this link (It links to an Automator file).
  • Open it in Automator and change your source/destination folder if you want to use another location than /Dropbox/Photos
  • Set an iCal alarm that runs every morning and that triggers the script. You can do this by setting a Custom Alarm that Opens a File.

You’ll notice that the script has a few pause-blocks between a couple the steps. This is to give Dropbox the time to catch up with syncing the new files, and to make sure that the original folder is gone before we start uploaden the new batch.


Finding the images is one thing, but I also needed an easy way to enjoy these images. Opening them in is not really a sexy solution, and the Dropbox app is not really photo-friendly. I’ve been using the app Unbound for a while now, it’s an image viewer that links to your Dropbox account and caches every image in a specified (sub)folder. In my case it links to Dropbox/Photos. Since I store my entire photo library in Dropbox, using Viticci’s method, I can easily browse through all my images, just like I did with Everpix.

At the top of my alphabetically ordered list of Events is the _Flashback folder, containing today’s images throughout the years.

It’s a rough alternative for Everpix, and it doesn’t provide all features, but at least I can easily browse through my photo collection again.

There are a few thing’s I’d like to improve in a future version. Only copy the 15 most opened images for example.


  • Removed a couple of typo's
  • Changed the iPad screenshot with a version that doesn't show my own images.
  • Regarding CultOfMac's remark on the 20 year old photos: They're scanned ;-)