iPad mini

I sold my iPad mini today. And got the exact same model again bit this time in a 32GB version instead of 16GB. No retina, no A7, just a plain old iPad mini. And I love it. More storage, great form factor, and a nice brown leather case.

Since the iPad is known material, I’ll talk about what surprised me. One is iCloud backup. I’ve used it before, and it has never let me down. You open up the iPad - which accidentally came with iOS 6.1.3 so it required a quick update - login with iCloud and an hour later the device is an exact copy of your previous device. And now with iCloud Keychain all my passwords just migrated over as well. The only thing that was left to do is reauthenticate every third party app. And enter a couple of two factor authentication pins. And link a few apps to Dropbox, and to Twitter. So I truly hope the next version of iCloud Keychain will also sync sandboxes App-keychains. But aside from that little authentication hiccup, iCloud Backup is awesome.

It’s one of these things you can talk about, mention in a review, but you don’t really appreciate until you need it. Which is either when migrating to a new device, in which case you appreciate the fact that an hour after opening the package you can enjoy your new iPad at its fullest, with all your apps, settings and documents. Or it’s the perfect relieve when disasters strikes. Your iPad crashes, burns, is lost or stolen, one hour after you buy a new iPad, you’re back where you came from. It’s that perfect feature that’s hidden and forgotten, until you need it, and when you do need it, it’s awesome.

When I sold iPad I accidentally sold my cover with it. I used to have a grey Smart Cover, but I left in on the iPad when I gave it to its new owner. So left without any protection for my new iPad, I needed to buy something new. I hated the original Smart Case, I appreciated the iPad 2’s Smart Cover, found the iPad mini’s case to be an inferior copy of the original one, and the new Smart Cases where ugly plastic covers that completely destroyed the elegance of the iPad. But I bought a leather case for my iPhone 5s, and even while it’s weathered after just one month, it fits like a glove. So I decided to try out the new the new leather iPad Smart Case. I picked up a brown version, and it’s perfect. It fits tightly around the iPad, and feels great.

The benefit of working at an Apple Reseller is that I can try out the products before I buy them, so I have to admit, it’s wasn’t a blind purchase. I took the cover, testing how the iPad would fit, and instead of returning it to the shop, immediately decided to buy it.

Since Apple’s new range of iPads are exact copies with only size as a difference, the only thing that matters, I’m sorry to say Yoda, is size. And the iPad mini’s size fits me better. So I picked a mini. There’s no big theory, no arguments or idea, I just prefer a smaller form-factor. but definitely wanted a 32GB model. So, uh, I was in doubt wither I should buy an Air or a Retina mini, and somehow ended up with a regular iPad mini, with a higher capacity. I’ll pick up a retina mini sometime and use this one for testing, development and work, but for now, I’m happy with my brown leather iPad mini.