iOS Updates

For a few years now Apple has been releasing major releases of it’s operating systems on a yearly basis. They release a big iOS.0 update after a long beta-season. Frequently, within a month after the initial release they release an iOS.0.1 update that fixes the biggest issues. And then during the year they used to release a couple of .1, .2 updates. With iOS 6 they got to iOS 6.1.4 before giving us iOS7.

But now, less than two months after iOS7’s release Apple has released iOS 7.0.4 already. Containing small bug fixes. It arrives two weeks after 7.0.3 that gave us iCloud Keychain and other features coordinated with the Mavericks launch.

I’m glad Apple is iterating this fast and fixing bugs as fast as possible. But it’s annoying that the iPhone and iPad still need to reboot after an update each and every time. And since I’m a bit paranoid when it comes to updating an OS, I always make an iCloud and iTunes (encrypted to save my passwords) update before upgrading the device. I first close every app, reboot the iPad, do an iTunes back, run iCloud backup and then update the iPhone and iPad. Which takes. A. Lot. Of. Time.

So although I like this faster approach, somehow I miss prior times where Apple only releases updates every x months or so. Maybe in iOS8 we can finally update our devices without needing to reboot every time?

Yes. Nitpicking.