Five Years in the App Store

The next two years met with a dizzying array of attempts at finding additional concepts that would work in the App Store. I think the single most significant attribute of my approach to the App Store that has allowed me to do this full time for so long is the number of failures I have. I have shipped somewhere around 80 unique app concepts over the last five years. With the exception of games, I’ve tried almost everything I can think of. With each attempt (in success or failure) I learned something new about what makes an app great. - David Smith

Nice overview of a five year career in the AppStore by David Smith. I’m a big fan of both his apps and his podcast and I love how he openly talks about the ups and downs in his career. I’m currently an avid FeedWrangler user, and found it to be a worthy replacement of Google Reader.

What’s interesting is how Underscore evolved from a Samsung approach of trying everything and seeing what sticks or not (he has created up to 80 different apps in the AppStore), to a more refined approach where he builds apps that he would use. He argues that these apps are easier to support and keep on supporting than apps and features he wouldn’t use on a (daily) basis himself. Arguably this is an approach that’s closer to Apple’s. Features and apps that help the platform forward, and aren’t just there as half-finished features or apps that aren’t used by many.

So David, here’s to another five years!