Launch Day

I sell my first iPhone. It’s insane how many we have stacked up ready to go. The actual numbers are confidential, but big. We are making a lot of money today. - McSweeneys

I had my share of Apple launches when I was still working retail, and the rush, the stress and the atmosphere of an Apple launch are something special. People lining up, buying iPhones like we’re handing out free samples, no one needs a sales talk, everybody buys a cover without hesitation and if the model they want isn’t available, they almost always go for a different model. They’re here for an iPhone, and an iPhone they get.

These days, I work behind the scenes, I observe the network, fix frozen printers or flush some cache on our routers, just to keep things moving. And the greatest part? As an employee I don’t need to stand in line, I just buy mine behind the scenes.