Different Point of View

I have a problem. A serious one. People who know me, know I love technology, Apple and challenges. And people who know me also know that the line between hobby and work is a thin one. I decided to go for a carrier in technology over architecture because I love tinkering with macs, code and firewalls. In aw ya, I made my hobby into a job, and lost a hobby while doing it.

If you turn your hobby into a job, you love your work, but lose a hobby.

So when management asked me to developer a form for our website last week, it was a challenge. I never build something in JavaScript or phpi from scratch and what they needed wasn’t something I could fake with of the shelve code and modules. So one week later, I had a Matrix moment: I know Kungfu”. Although my Kungfu isn’t the martial art version but it’s JavaScript and php. By googling, using Stackoverflow and adapting plenty of tutorials I managed to create a price calculator for used Macs form scratch. For those who already know Java, that probably sounds easy, but just creating a text field or two, and calculating the total of both fields values was a Herculean task for me.

But one week later, I’ve got the forms, defines a few hundred variables for every Mac we want to use, and I’ve finally found a way to send the form data to a new overview page using a bit of php a POSTmethod and a few liters of damn good coffee (thank you Caffénation).

So now, it’s Friday nights and the end of a heavy, inspiring and fun workweek. My laptop is on my desk, I’m in my sofa and the weekend is starting. I want to forget work and do something fun. But what’s the first thing that comes to my mind? Grabbing my laptop and tweak that functions.js file. Not because I want to work, but because I like to tinker with code.

And that’s when you realize that turning your hobby into your job is both a blessing and a curse. From 9 to 5’working feels like vacation. but at night and during the weekends, coding and reading about technology feels like work.

  Obi-Wan: "So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view."