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My obligatory list

Apple is holding his annual September keynote tonight. Just as last time, here’s my obligatory list of predictions and wishes..

First off, I think this Keynote will be Episode 1 of 2, with a second keynote following in the second half of October. Apple’s product list is just too long to release in one event. Too many products to show, and too many new things to distract from the core message or feature of each product.


Episode 1, A new iOS

Episode 2, The Mavericks Strikes Back

What about the iPod?

The iPod is a dead product category.. so I hope Apple will reinvigorate it with a twist. Let’s say Apple goes back to the previous iPod nano design. But goes one step further and makes it a real watch. It connects over bluetooth to your iPhone and streams music from the iPhone with a Wifi, LTE connection or locally stored music. It receives and displays the push notifications shown on the iPhone, it allows for pausing music, activating Siri and dialing a phone number. It has the same control options as the EarPod microphone piece. It’s Apple’s smart watch, but with a twist.. Or maybe they’ll just release a minor update to the nano and the shuffle, kill the Classic and leave it be?

What about the iWatch and AppleTV?

That’s something for 2014 I think. Fall 2013 is already quite busy, better move this new category to an empty spot and let them focus on the iOS7/Mavericks work first. Especially since they also need to upgrade a massive amount of apps on iOS and the Mac to. iLife, iWork, Pro apps, …