Episode 1 : A New iOS

During WWDC we origanized a Keynote Evening at the office. Projecting the live stream in our Seminary Room, with pizza, beers and collegues.Today, we planned to do the same thing. But sadly Apple didn’t provide any livestream, so we just streamed The Verge on tv, and watched the opening crawl, erh, Live Feed pass by. These things have evolved quite well since the last time I watched one this way. No hickups, good quality photos, it was a nice experience.

The keynote itself then..

De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum, or.. I like the iPhone 5c as long as it comes in white. I get why Apple wants a colourful iPhone, and they sure look nice, but this specific palette is not up to my taste. Or as Nokia put it:

Aside from that, the 5c seems like a very solid product. iPhone 5 internals, sturdy plastic casing. Seems like a good starter iPhone for people upgrading from an iPod touch and cellphone to their first iPhone, or children.

The iPhone 5s is a strong upgrade with as expected but still great specs. A huge speed bumps, camera improvements and graphic enhancements with the same battery life in a 64bit package. I’m intrigued by the fingerprint sensor. I hope it’s not a Rev.1 release as Apple is known to release, and that it truly works as expected. But I like the security-aspect. I expected Apple to only use it for Passcodes, but the iCloud/App Store integration is a nice extra. Now I can finally swap my password to a big-ass strong password, and still have an easy way to buy apps.

If I had to pick an iPhone now, it’s be a 32GB Slate iPhone 5s. Still in dubio though, kinda love my week old iPhone 5.

On the software side, I kinda expected the September 18 release date, but I’m surprised they also had the time to finish the iOS7 iPad version in time. The biggest surprise for me was the free price tag sticked on all of their iOS apps (excluding Garageband, strangely). It’s a logic move from Apple’s point of view, but a weird precedent for developers. Why pay 5 bucks for an App, if Apple offers theirs for free? Weird.

All in all, great keynote.

So what’s left? I had envisioned a two-part fall release with iOS on one side, and the Mac on the other side. In the end, maybe a three parter is more logical.


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