My interest piqued, I hustle back to the television. These three lucky bastards, I soon learn, are amongst those who got to see the Return of the Jedi the day it opened (A Wednesday! A school night!), and are volunteering their opinions on the film. As none of the children are particularly garrulous, the host keeps prompting them with questions such as “How long did you wait in line?” and “Who is your favorite character?” In response to this latter query, the child in the middle of the loveseat—a wholesome, freckle-faced boy of perhaps 10—confesses a love of Darth Vader. “Really?” asks the host playfully. “Even though he is so bad?” “But in this movie he was kind of good,” the boy rebuts matter-of-factly. “Because in the end he, like, saves Luke Skywalker and kills the emperor.” - The Morning News

I remember buying the last Harry Potter novel with a group of friends. All of us, waiting in line, waiting for midnight. A couple of friends couldn’t get home afterwards, so most of them stayed at my home. And most of them read all night long.

The next day we had planned a BBQ for those same friends. Most of them, instead of talking, were nose deep in the book. At times people gasped, and others asked what? and quickly thereafter, nevermind, I don’t wanna know. Yet.

I used to love spoilers. I read everything there was to find about Attack of the Clones, and devoured every bit if leaked info on Tarantino’s latest movie. But these last years, something has changed. I store plenty of movie reviews in my read it later queue to read after the movie. I ignore most spoiler articles, and seldom see a movie trailer more than once. And recently I started ignoring the trailers, since they are more “the movie in 2minutes” than just a teaser of the movie itself.