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Also, photo stream needs to be reversed. Apple should store ALL photos/video taken with your iPhone and just store the most recent 1000 (or 30 days) locally on the device. - Bradley Chambers

I’ve said it before, and will keep on repeating it: iCloud desperately need either selective file syncing or a way to archive files in the Cloud.

As it is now, if your first purchase is a iPad, and you fill it with 20GB of iCloud data, and your next purchase is a 16GB iPhone, your basically f-cked. There’s not enough space on the device to download all your data, and no way to access data in the cloud, or to offload data to the cloud.

Apple should make iCloud your canonical storage, expandable to bigger sizes, and let each linked device download a selection of these files, based on last used, most frequently used or recently created, either automatically or per the user’s choice.