Outside, it’s cool and noisy, the cloud cover that waited over us in line having never been burned off by the sun. With every step away from Hall H, it dissipates a little more, a shadow that now seems to exist solely on Twitter. I realize how hungry I am after only a day of Hall H junk food, how tired I am, how little any of the footage actually hung with me. – Grant Land

I went to Star Wars Celebration Europe II last weekend, and this articles, although talking about Comic-Con, subscribes that same convention almost exactly.

There was a panel from Kathleen Kennedy at CE-II, and you get that same vibe, a feeling of being there, experiencing it, that you wouldn’ t get from reading a liveblog or tweet about it.

And although it was a great experience (more on that later), once you leave a live session, part of the feelings you had, are left in those rooms.

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