Freeflowing Text

A few years  ago I made the switch from paper to digital. I decided that I would start reading digital only. Not because it’s better than paper, but because it’s easier. I can take my books with me wherever I go, the same book is on my iPad, iPhone and Kindle and I can take the entire Game of Thrones with my while on vacation, and my travel bag still weights next to nothing.

But there’s one thing that annoys me a lot, in the Kindle app specifically. When reaching the end of a paragraph, there’s often only a dozen lines or so on the “page/screen” and all the rest is white space. Turn the page and text starts again at the top of the page. So far, exactly the same as a regular book. And it behaves as you expect it too.

But turn back to the previous chapter and you’ll find that the text is not ending halfway through the page, no, it ends at the bottom of the page. Since the text isn’t bound to a fixed page or position, it can flow freely across the pages. Perfect when resizing your font size, but awful if you want to review something on a prior page. Since everything moves, something you remember to be at a certain position, has suddenly moved. I am a very visual thinker. I remember thing by where they are on the page. Not the words, but the layout. During my studies I often saw where an answer was in my books, before I recalled the answer itself. So when reading a book, I often turn back a few pages to review something. But moving text means my visual memory is worthless.