Angry Birds

At a board game event I went to today a kid brought his Star Wars Angry Birds game to the meeting. Not the iPad version (or whatever platform serves your taste) but a real life toy. I had seen that game at local toy stores before today, but never understood the game. How fun could a real life version of this franchise be? Angry Birds was written and created with touch screens in mind, so this physical game couldn’t be more than just some overhyped merchandise tied into the entire Star Wars and Angry Birds hype.

I have to say, I was wrong. The setup is some kind of high action Jenga Game. We played the Death Star version where plastic blocks were stapled with pigs in between. The construction is hold together by a plastic frame which can be taken down with a well aimed bird. The birds are shot with a plastic catapult with an x-wing at its base. Aiming is actually quite difficult and the three birds that came with the package (fat Wookiee, heavy Luke and agile Han) both have distinct behaviours.

I’ve been playing with it for about half an hour, and I’m really impressed with the game. It’s fun play and ideal for a little bit of fun on a rainy afternoon. Since the aiming is though but doable, you really want to get your slingshots right, which makes it slightly addictive.

All in all, if you’re a Star Wars fan with kids and need a excuse to buy this game, use this review.