iOS7 Freakout

Now imagine what is going to happen when they see iOS 7 for the first time after having had iPhones for 2-4 years already. We all know that people hate change. But these people in particular, really hate change. They are not technically savvy and have a difficult time learning/getting used to the technology they do have. Remember the loud, public freakout every time Facebook does yet another massive UI overhaul. If like me, you rarely use Facebook and don’t really remember it – trust me, it happens. - Joel Housman

I’m not really sure this will happen. Why. Well last week at my local coffee shop Tim, the owner, asked me to test his new Wifi system. I took out my iPhone (running iOS7), and his reaction? ”Whoa, you already have the new one! Can I get it?” (*)

It’s just one of the many reactions, positive reactions mind you, I’ve heard from people having seen the new OS, either in picture or in real life.

People appear to be genuinly excited. So maybe only the linkbaiters and sensationalistic blogs will use this to get attention, but I think the general public will like it.

(*) And no, I didn’t give him beta access.