On The Road

I’m on the road this week. After a couple of weeks at my companies headquarters for internal server refreshes and installations, I’m finally out on the road again to do what I really love about my job. Go to different parts of the country and give direct support to our different shops.

I travel by train, which may not seem the most efficient way to commute on first sight, but it’s my preferred way to move from place to place. The reasons are twofold. One: a commute of an hour gives me an hour of isolation. An hour where I’m not visible to anyone, and can focus on tasks without getting disturbed. I’ve got a whole on the road context in OmniFocus especially written down for these times. They give me a change to read up on manuals and tutorials, write down some code I need or draft out some new context in a focused environment. Since train rides have a predefined duration I have a hard limit on the time I can spend on the tasks, but also don’t need to be guilty on spending x amount of time in a given task. My OmniFocus reviews generally occur during these commutes to. Being zoned of gives me the time to empty my head, write it all down and end up with a full and organised GTD setup.

Two: I really love travelling. Seeing the world fly by through a window, with headphones and a good cd playing, it feels like a holiday. It’s a perfect way to forget stress, relax and clear your mind. Even while working at the same time.

Since this blog is Apple focused, I should probably have mentioned the iPad already as my ideal travel companion. But actually, whither it’s an iPad, iPhone Moleskine or MacBook doesn’t really matter. My on the road context contains online and offline tasks. So the device available just defines which tasks will get tackled. And in a way, being offline or not actively online for a while is refreshing.

This week I’m going to the opposite sides of the country, our capital, the sea and Limburg. I’ll be installing firewalls, troubleshooting printers and disabling Facebook. But most of all, I’ll be free.