The following February, McLaughlin, now full-time at Digg, bumped into this same pal at a TED conference. The friend warned him to act fast if he really did want to develop a Reader. “He said ‘I’m not telling you anything, but we’re not going to keep this thing around forever and maybe you want to have something ready by the end of the year.” - Wired

I’m really digging (pun intended) the Feedly app when it comes to reading my RSS feeds, but I’m also quite a fan of the Digg app. It has a place on my home screen and is an app I visit on a daily basis.

When July 1 finally comes to pass, I think I’m going to end up with to RSS readers on my iPad for the time being, until I finally decide who’s going to win.. And then there’s Feedwrangler also, although I’m waiting for a good iOS client for that one.