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What I'd really like is for Apple to stop toying with my heart. It's okay to start building web versions and continue to improve upon the iOS versions. All of that is important. However, before doing anything else, deliver a new version of iWork for the Mac that throws me head over heals in love all over again. - MacSparky

I wonder what makes more sense. Releasing iWork now, during a period of beta’s and design changes, or releasing it in the fall as a brand new suite, compatible with the new iCloud updates, tagging, Mavericks multiscreen support etc.. I think the latter is the more logical choice. That is, if an iWork update is still in the works. And I think it is.

Aside from bug fixes and smaller improvements, there are a couple of things I’d like to see:

Just as the rest of the Mac community, I’m hoping for a real update to iWork, and not just another point update when Mavericks is released. The addition of iCloud in Mountain Lion was a huge update, but as far as features go, real usability that is, and not just file management, iWork is in for a long needed overhaul. It makes sense for Apple to wait with releasing it until 10.9 is released, not only from a compatibility standpoint, but also from a marketing standpoint. It allows for a big keynote with the release of a new OS, new software and a nice new Haswell Retina MacBook Pro in one day.

As for iWork in the Cloud.. Weird. Since the release of the iPad versions, I can’t see myself having any real use for a web based version of iWork. But they’ll probably have their reasons..