Forgetting the App Store

I’ve been using iOS7 for two weeks now, and although the thing is under an NDA, and I’m not allowed to write in public about its features, I do want to share one thing I’m experiencing. It has nothing to do with bugs, icons, design or features. But basically, ever since I’ve started using iOS7 on my iPhone, I’ve downloaded no new apps, with Vesper as the one exception.

Not because the system is buggy, or because apps would stylistically clash, but because I just haven’t opened the App Store anymore. Apps are downloaded automatically in the background, and my only encounters with the App Store are the notifications appearing in notification center. There’s no red badge nagging me, no red seven triggering my OCD, there’s no daily reason to visit the App Store anymore. I used to open the store almost daily to do updates, and while navigating to the update section, I’d come by some new and notable app, or a promo in the store. No updates, means no obligatory visits, and apparently means lesser apps bought.

Maybe it’s just that this two weeks are quiet weeks without many interesting apps, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I opened the App Store on my iPhone after updating to the beta.

Which makes me wonder: what will happen once new users install their iPhone, get the Facebook app and a couple of games and are never triggered by a red badge to open the store. Will they visit the store as much? Or will the App Store just become another default app seldomly visited.. Don’t get me wrong, automatic updates are a great idea, and as long as the updates are bug free, should greatly improve the user experience, but if an App addict like me notices a downfall in app installs, I wonder how normal consumers will react.