Find My iPhone

Well, this is embarrassing.. When I came home today after a busy day at work with plenty of meetings, I couldn't remember whether I packed my iPad, left it at the office, or maybe I had unpacked it already and it was somewhere at home already.

Not really panicking yet, but slightly worried I started looking around all the usual places I normally put the device. And didn't find it. So finally I fired up Find my iPhone, saw a list with half a dozen old and current devices and found my iPad in the list. Online, but with no location available.

So the device was still somewhere, and online. And since it's a wifi only model, that means somewhere I know the wifi password. So given where I last saw the iPad, at the office or at home. At that moment was really hoping at home,cause both The Loop and The Magazine have just released a new issue, so I was kinda hoping to read them both tonight.

And then my I fell on a button I had never, ever, used in my life: make a noise. I pressed the button and I heard some beeps coming from the other side of the apartment. And hold and behold, in between a couple of shirts I folded previously was my iPad mini.

Conclusion of this rather nervous couple of minutes: Find my iPhone is a great app, that you never see the utility of, until you need it.